GKMBJ Creme Peroxide 10 Vol 990ml

Professional Use Only

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GKMBJ Creme Peroxide iis delicately formulated, well perfumed and has a low acid pH of 2.8. Its formula is calibrated to optimise coluoring properties of GKMBJ Colour. It is essential not only for the bleaching of the Hair's melanin and development of the pigments, but also for balancing pH. For correct results, GKMBJ Colour must be mixed with GKMBJ Creme Peroxide: 6 vol (1.8%) • Ideal for Shading Colouring (semi), Depositing, and toning. 10 vol (3%) • Ideal for Spa Colouring (demi), Colour Equalising, Tone on Tone and Depositing. • Using 10 vol will also lift up to one (1) level on natural hair 20 vol (6%) • Ideal for Permanent Colouring, White Hair Coverage, lifting up to two (2) levels on natural hair 30 vol (9%) • Ideal for the Superlightener series and for fashion colouring. • Will also lift by up to two (2) - three (3) levels on natural hair 40 vol (12%) • Ideal for the Superlightener series and for general lifting up to three (3) to four (4) levels on natural hair WHY USE GKMBJ CREME PEROXIDE WITH GKMBJ COLOUR? Both the GKMBJ Creme Peroxide and GKMBJ Hair Colour Cream are cream based and the Oxidising Emulsion has been delicately formulated to ensure low acidity. The emulsion’s pH level is optimal for and compliments GKMBJ’s Hair Colour Cream’s pH level. When the Colour and Creme Peroxide are combined, it creates the right calibration and balances the pH of the hair delivering softness and shine. In addition, when GKMBJ Creme Peroxide is mixed with GKMBJ Cream Colour they do not create an odour - either in the bowl or when applied to the hair.

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